Saturday, January 1, 2011

When Cravings Suck

Today is New Years Day. Honestly, it's just another day. I celebrated the beginning of a new year at midnight with friends quite honestly because I'll find any excuse for a party and I kind of like New Years Eve. It's a surreal moment when you see the clock strike 12 and you realize you'll never write the 4 digit number that stands for those 365 days again, except when you're referencing the past.

But once midnight strikes, the thrill is gone. New Years Day doesn't mean a whole lot to me. My husband doesn't get the day off from work and I hate black eyed peas. It's just another day.

Normally I am glad for businesses to close on a holiday. It's good for the employees to get a break and celebrate with friends and family. But this year, I'm pregnant. I've gone most of the past 5 months without a lot of cravings and aversions, but of course they decide to kick in on one of the only days of the year that every place I want to order food from is closed. And I mean every place. Three massive let downs in a row. I went from craving something, having to give up that craving to scrounging up two other places that sounded pretty good to me only to find out they were both closed. To make it worse, the last place even lied! Their website had their business hours for New Years Day as being open until 8:00 and they weren't open all day!

So here I sit, too aware of how much cravings can really suck. I know it's mind over matter, but that's a bitter pill to swallow when my body and mind feel like they're being entirely run by a pregnancy hormone. Oh the joys of growing a life inside of you, right?

Since I know this situation will probably come up again over the next 4 months, then let me ask you something. Moms and friends of moms, bring on the advice. What kind of cravings have you gotten that were hard if not impossible to fulfill because of immediate circumstances? How did you deal?


andie said...

i sadly can not fulfill my cravings yet. when i'm asleep, i constantly dream about's pretty hilarious. then i wake up and have to eat oatmeal and grapes. yuuum. not.

andie said...

ok. craving something in a completely different state. that is a huge downside of moving so many times. i wanted zoe's in montgomery so bad the other day. i almost cried.

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